Chris Rock Blasts Jussie Smollett For Wasting His 'Light Skin' And 'Curly Hair' With Fake Homophobic Attack

Chris Rock Blasts Jussie Smollett For Wasting His 'Light Skin' And 'Curly Hair' With Fake Homophobic Attack
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Jussie Smollett was thrown under the bus by Chris Rock who was a presenter at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards on Saturday night.

Chris could not help but mock the Empire star who has been dominating the news for a bizarre hate crime attack by two racist and homophobic Donald Trump supporters.

It was claimed that Jussie faked the attack on himself, but by a strange turn of events, prosecutors dropped all charges against him.

Chris told the audience: “They said no Jussie Smollett jokes. I know. What a waste of light skin. Do you know what I could do with that light skin? That curly hair? My career would be out of here. F–king running Hollywood!"

He continued to ridicule the singer by saying: “What the hell was he thinking? You’re Jessie from now on… You don’t even get the ‘U’ no more. That ‘U’ was respect. You ain’t gettin’ no respect from me.”

Jussie was not present at the event where he was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and lost to Grey’s Anatomy‘ s Jesse Williams.

Jussie took part in a brief press after the charges were dropped where he said: “First of all, I want to thank my family, my friends, the incredible people of Chicago and all over the country and the world who have prayed for me, who have supported me and who have showed me so much, love. No one will ever know how much that has meant to me and I will be forever grateful. I want you to know that not for a moment was it in vain. I have been truthful and consistent on every level since day one. I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I’ve been accused of."

He added: “This has been an incredibly difficult time. Honestly one of the worst of my entire life. But I am a man of faith, and I am a man that has knowledge of my history, and I would not bring my family, our lives or the movement through a fire like this. I just wouldn’t.”

Trump, Chicago police, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have all criticized the decision to drop the charges.

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