Chris Pratt's New GF Katherine Schwarzenegger Does Not Pressure Him About His Weight The Way Anna Faris Did

Chris Pratt's New GF Katherine Schwarzenegger Does Not Pressure Him About His Weight The Way Anna Faris Did
Credit: Source: E Online

Chris Pratt has gained a few pounds since leaving his shockingly skinny ex-wife, Anna Faris . While Pratt is looking a little heftier than usual, his new girlfriend, Katherine Schwarzenegger, does not mind the extra weight. In fact, she might even be the reason he gained some weight in the first place.

An inside source claims that Schwarzenegger loves cooking for the Guardians of the Galaxy star and could not care less if Pratt gained weight. The couple frequently eats breakfast in bed and enjoys takeout over the weekends. All the eating has left Pratt with a few extra pounds, but it is not hurting his growing romance with Schwarzenegger.

“She loves a guy with meat on the bones, and her favorite thing to do is to cook for him,” the source shared.

Although Faris usually got on Pratt whenever he gained a few pounds, the actor is not worried about his midsection. According to Radar Online , Pratt knows that he will shed the weight once he hits the gym and is just enjoying the fact that Schwarzenegger does not judge his body. This is pretty much the opposite of what Pratt experienced with Faris, which definitely bodes well for his new relationship.

Pratt and Faris parted ways in 2017. Pratt and Schwarzenegger went public with their romance this past summer, and insiders claim they are perfect for each other. Apart from Schwarzenegger’s stance on weight, sources claim they have similar values and are all about family life.

Insiders also say that they both want to start a family together, though they have not commented on when that might happen.

Pratt has been fairly mum about his relationship with Katherine. He was recently spotted enjoying an afternoon with her and her father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Santa Monica California.

An insider revealed that Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger met with her father for breakfast at a restaurant called the FIG and had a blast spending time together. The outing comes a week after Pratt’s marriage to Faris was formally dissolved in court.


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