Chris Pratt Slammed For Being ‘Sexist’ After Making Fun Of Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Cooking

Chris Pratt Slammed For Being ‘Sexist’ After Making Fun Of Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Cooking
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After seemingly shaming his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, over her poor cooking skills, Chris Pratt is in some hot water. As it turns out, people were not happy about his post and so, some proceeded to accuse the actor of being sexist.

Pratt is apparently the one who has been doing all the cooking for the past four months since he and Katherine have tied the knot.

That being said, the new wife tried her best to make a bagel bite but ended up burning it to a crisp.

Seeing this, the husband thought it would be Okay to mock her over it on his platform.

It was a rather sweet post but some social media users could not miss the apparent undertones that may suggest there’s some misogyny there!

‘It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you get up… and also keep moving forward. As you can tell from the lump of coal on the plate, this bagel bite stood no chance. I honestly simply can't imagine what went wrong. It's simple. Microwave. Two minutes. Maybe she thought it said two hours. But I want to commend her on her effort. This is a big step babe. Proud of you,’ the actor wrote in the caption.

Katherine took the joke well and even played along, suggesting that she ruined the meal on purpose so that he’ll continue to cook forever.

But not everyone saw the humor in Pratt’s original post.

‘Ladies, this is the kind of post that happens when you marry a misogynist. May hide it well, but the misogyny rings loud and clear through all the sarcasm… may think you are trying to be funny at her expense. Real comedy isn't made at the expense of others,’ one user wrote.

At the same time, there were others who thought that user had taken it too far.

After all, he’d just joked a bit about her cooking. Could that really mean that Pratt ‘hates women?’

Well, the first commentor was not alone in their beliefs as another agreed, writing: ‘I completely agree with you. He is condescending. Of course she just goes along with it because deep down she knows she is replaceable. This guy plays on her insecurity.’


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