Chris Pratt Praises Ex Anna Faris' Presenting Duties At Last Night's Emmys

Chris Pratt Praises Ex Anna Faris' Presenting Duties At Last Night's Emmys
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Though there have been reports of a messy separation , when paparazzi cameras caught up with actor Chris Pratt after last night's Emmys, he had nothing but praise for his ex, Anna Faris.

When asked about the illustrious Emmy's, the night television stars and crew are rewarded for their artistry and creativity, Pratt said he actually wasn't invited to the award's show.

This lack of invitation may have happened for several reasons, technically he's transitioned into film and isn't apart of an ensemble TV cast as he was years ago with Parks and Rec .

Despite not being invited, Pratt had nothing but warm words of praise for Faris who presented. Pratt said she looked great and even plugged her show which she stars in alongside Alison Janney, her co-presenter.

It's nice to see that despite whatever has dissolved within their romantic relationship and marriage, they can still verbally support one another's goals and careers.

Pratt and Faris recently announced they are separating but remain committed to their son Jack. Once that news was released, there was much speculation about why the two were calling it quits.

Some speculated that Pratt's rising star put a strain on their marriage as Faris was the more recognizable and successful star when they wed.

Fast forward several years and Pratt has been thrust into the limelight and headed some major blockbuster films, one of which he starred in with Hollywood heavyweight Jennifer Lawrence. When the filming and press of that film took place, there were rumblings of Pratt and Lawrence getting very close.

Whether or not their dynamic was a factor in the Pratt and Faris breakup remains to be seen but nothing came of Pratt and Lawrence.

Faris also has a memoir coming out soon and she has gone on the record in saying that she's deeply nervous about how it will be received because of some of the topic matter. She's been dealing with managing her anxiety around the issue and even joked about wanting to leave the country prior to its release.

It's nice to see that these two still want the best for one another. Or it seems that way as of now, at least.

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