Chris Packham Cannot Deal With The Death Of His Dog – Keeps Him In A Freezer!

Chris Packham Cannot Deal With The Death Of His Dog – Keeps Him In A Freezer!

Chris Packham wrote a few touching words about his beloved dogs, Itchy and Scratchy in his memoir.

Almost a year after he also revealed he is autistic in his book, and that the poodles saved him from committing suicide. But now, it looks like, the man is having a very difficult time without one of the pets.

Itchy died before Christmas at the age of 14 after developing prostate cancer.

Despite the fact that he has prepared mentally by imagining the death of the dogs many times, now that Itchy is gone he is struggling to cope with the grief and is terrified of losing the other aging dog, Scratchy.

“When Scratchy dies, no human will fill that vacuum,” he stated. “No one will reach me in that dark place I need to go.”

He is currently keeping the dead dog in a freezer in his barn just until he will find a proper place to cremate the body without “some bits of old labrador mixed in.”

The plan is to mix his dogs’ ashes with his own after he will pass away and have them scattered in a familiar place where they have spent a lot of time together.

In his memoir Fingers in the Sparkle Jar, the man expressed the deep love he has for his pets.

After one of his other dogs was run over by a car, he fell into a deep depression and wanted to commit suicide, but the twin poodles helped him immensely.

Chris’s Asperger Syndrome means he gets far closer to animals than he does to humans.

He is well aware of this and says he is very grateful that his partner, Charlotte Corney accepts his peculiarity with an open mind.

“She knows my bond with dogs is deeper and stronger than with her, but it doesn’t undermine what we have,” Packham said.

Charlotte is set to tell her own side of the story in Chris’s upcoming documentary on autism.

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