Chris O'Neal From Greenhouse Academy Arrested On DUI Charges

Chris O'Neal From Greenhouse Academy Arrested On DUI Charges
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A new report from Just Jared, via TMZ, revealed that authorities apprehended Chris O'Neal, the star of Netflix's Greenhouse Academy . He reportedly struck two cars and injured one person.

TMZ was the first to report on the accident where Chris was driving in San Fernando Valley this past Friday and ran into two different cars. One of the passengers was hurt but O'Neal managed to escape the scene of the crime.

Following two different phone calls to the police, authorities arrived at the location and later found Chris by following his tracks. When they finally pulled him over, he was arrested for felony hit and run. The occupant reportedly suffered minor injuries.

This wouldn't be the first time a celebrity got themselves in trouble with the authorities over a hit-and-run. At the beginning of the year, Todd Malm reported on the prosecutor's demand for Dina Lohan to serve time and probation due to her Long Island accident.

As it was previously reported, Dina Lohan was in Nassau County back in January where her lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, asked for a conference to talk about a few integral features of the case. The assistant district attorney at the time, Alexandra Wolff, claimed she was looking to get 6 months in jail and five years of probation for Dina.

When Lohan walked out of the courthouse, she ignored all the questions from reporters but did ask a journalist if they were ok when they stumbled and fell. Followers of the case know that Lohan was accused of fleeing the scene of the crime where she ran into a Mercedes-Benz at the Merrick Mall.

After the operator of the luxury vehicle followed her to her house, Dina reportedly tripped in front of the police who then arrested her. Dina didn't comply with the police's order for a sobriety test and was subsequently slapped with a felony DWI.

Lohan has been in trouble with the authorities due to driving incidents several times over the last few years, including in 2014.

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