Chris Martin Reveals His 16-Year-Old Daughter Got Her First Job

Chris Martin Reveals His 16-Year-Old Daughter Got Her First Job
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Even though a celebrity may be respected by their legions of fans, it doesn't mean they can't be embarrassing to their kids. Page Six reported earlier today that Chris Martin said he almost embarrassed his daughter with Gwyneth Paltrow, Apple, at her first place of employment ever. The outlet claims Martin's daughter just got a job at a clothing store.

During his appearence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show , Chris stated it was his daughter's first job. She's about to turn 16-years-old and he's "so proud of her." Joyfully, the Coldplay frontman claimed his 16-year-old girl was learning how to be independent in the world.

Martin claims he didn't tell her he was going to do it, but he showed up and took something off the rack and stood in the line. The 42-year-old frontman got in line to pay and when she finally noticed him, she wasn't quite as excited as he hoped.

Martin joked with Ellen that his daughter spotted him in the line and then mouthed the words, "Dad, get out." Admittedly, Martin said he was feeling "terrible" and so he then moved on to another register. Rather than approach her directly, Martin spoke with her co-worker and told her to give Apple the fudge he bought.

However, when he was about to walk out of the store, she yelled out to him, "I love you, Dad." As most know, Martin and Paltrow share another child, a 13-year-old son named Moses. These days, however, the star has been dating the Fifty Shades of Grey star, Dakota Johnson.

Gwyneth Paltrow, on the other hand, is now married to Brad Falchuk . Regardless of their "conscious uncoupling," as Gwyneth once referred to it, the couple has managed to hold things together and keep it amicable for the sake of their children.

Both Martin and Paltrow have made it to the top in their respective fields. Since the band's rise to worldwide fame in the early 2000s with the song, "Yellow," Coldplay has gone on to sell 100,000,000 records all over the globe. Back in 2017, Martin landed on Debrett's list of the most influential people from the UK.

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