Chris Martin And Dakota Johnson Have The Look Of Love As He Opens Up About His Split From Gwyneth Paltrow

Chris Martin And Dakota Johnson Have The Look Of Love As He Opens Up About His Split From Gwyneth Paltrow
Source: Page Six

After one year of dating, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have no problem with public displays of affection. The couple was recently spotted holding hands and smiling big after having dinner at Sushi Park in Los Angeles, the same place they reportedly had their first date.

The Coldplay singer and Fifty Shades of Grey actress have mostly kept their relationship private, but every once in a while, fans do get a glimpse into their romance. Johnson recently said in an interview that she wasn’t going to talk about her private life, but she did admit that she was “very happy” with Martin.

Johnson and Martin have also proven their commitment to each other with matching tattoos of an infinity sign crossed with two small Xs. Johnson’s is below her elbow, and Martin’s is on the inside of his right forearm.

Martin is happy now in his relationship with Johnson, but he recently opened up about his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow and revealed how difficult it was to get through.

In the new documentary Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams , the 41-year-old Martin said that splitting up after ten years of marriage left him feeling “completely worthless” and like he was “nothing to anybody.”

“I was just like, ‘I’m a mess,’ really, because I can’t enjoy the great things around me,” Martin explains. “I went through a breakup with Gwyneth — listen, I’m never going to moan, I’m grateful for everything, but it was pretty touch and go.”

During that time, Martin’s bandmates, Will Champion, Guy Berryman, and Jonny Buckland, were all concerned. And their former manager Phil Harvey says that he was worried about Martin’s mental state because your mind “can go to the worst case scenario.”

Harvey says that he was always glad to get texts from Martin in the morning, letting him know that he was okay.

The new documentary was filmed over 20 years, and it gives fans an intimate look at the band’s rise to stardom. It cuts behind-the-scenes footage with interviews of the band talking about their two decades of performing together, plus footage from concerts on their A Head Full of Dreams Tour .

Since Paltrow and Martin’s “conscious uncoupling,” they both have moved on to new relationships. Martin is dating Johnson, and Paltrow just married Glee and American Horror Story co-creator Brad Falchuk.

Paltrow and Martin also continue to amicably co-parent their two kids, Apple, 14, and Moses, 12.

Since their emotional split, Paltrow has learned to have fun with the term that she made famous. She told Today in 2016 that “conscious uncoupling” wasn’t her term, but she was following a theory. However, it was a very intense time for the family, and emotions ran high and deep.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have never publicly confirmed their romance, but it looks to be the real deal.


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