Chris Kattan Claims His Relationship With Will Ferrell Fell Off Because He Slept With Amy Heckerling

Chris Kattan Claims His Relationship With Will Ferrell Fell Off Because He Slept With Amy Heckerling
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According to a report from Page Six, the former star of Saturday Night Live , Chris Kattan, claims in his novel that his bromance with Will Ferrell was ruined by a relationship with the film's potential director, a decision Lorne Michaels allegedly persuaded him into making.

In his memoir, Baby, Don't Hurt Me , Kattan claims Michaels suggested he sleep with Amy Heckerling to convince her to stay in her role in the 1990s comedy film in which Will and Chris starred, A Night At The Roxbury, which was a critical disappointment at the time but has gone on to cult status.

The 27-year-old star claims he initially rejected the 43-year-old's advances, however, there was a "furious" telephone call from Lorne Michaels saying the director may choose to remove herself from the project. Kattan claims his decision to enter a relationship with her ruined his friendship with Will.

Kattan said it was painfully obvious to everyone around him that he and the producer were sleeping together, moreover, Kattan claims Lorne actually told Will about it. Heckerling ended up being a producer in the movie with John Fortenberry sitting in the director's chair.

Supposedly, after the movie was finished, Ferrell stopped responding to Chris' phone-calls until they had to speak together for the 23rd season of Saturday Night Live. Ferrell said to him that he got all of his phone calls but he didn't want to talk to him.

Will said to him bluntly he would continue working him for the sake of workplace propriety, however, they wouldn't be friends any longer.

A spokesperson for Saturday Night Live regarding Lorne Michaels said the story was a fabrication. Following A Night At The Roxbury, as well as Kattan's time on SNL, his career subsequently all-but-ended, with a few appearances in movies and TV shows, and also a season on Dancing With The Stars.

Previously, Chris claimed that he suffered a terrible neck injury before starring in Dancing With The Stars, and his "stiffness" played a role in how the judges looked at him.

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