Chris Hemsworth Honors His Youthful Mom Leonie On Mother's Day And Fans Are Freaking Out Over Her Ageless Beauty

Chris Hemsworth Honors His Youthful Mom Leonie On Mother's Day And Fans Are Freaking Out Over Her Ageless Beauty
Credit: Source: Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

Chris Hemsworth honored his mother, Leonie Hemsworth on Mother's Day and while he shared a sweet photo of himself, his mother, and his model wife Elsa Pataky, with whom he shares three children, it was his mother who became the subject of media attention. Fans had a difficult time telling Chris's wife from his mother and many began praising the blonde, Australian beauty for passing down her good genes to her three sons — Luke, Chris, and Liam. Some even said they thought that Leonie and Elsa looked like sisters let-alone mother and daughter-in-law. Chris didn't share any details regarding how they celebrated the holiday but he certainly gave plenty for fans to talk about due to his youthful mother.

It's hard to believe that Leonie Hemsworth has three children and six grandchildren when she looks as young and vibrant as she does but it's true. Along with Kris Jenner, Leonie is recognized for her age-defying beauty and ability to raise three successful children who have all found fame, success, and thriving acting careers.

Chris Hemsworth shared the following message along with the photos of his mother Leonie, and his wife, Elsa.

"Happy mother’s days to all the incredible mums out there we salute you!! Xoxo 😘"

You may see the photos Chris shared below.

Chris and Elsa are parents to three children: twins Tristan and Sasha and daughter India Rose. Elsa Pataky shared a photo of herself with the children from Christmas time where they all wore matching pajamas. The children are all blonde like their parents and both Chris and Elsa share family photos that show the kids enjoy many outdoor activities in their native Australian homeland.

You may see a photo of Elsa and the children below.

Liam Hemsworth also shared a sweet throwback photo of himself with his mother for Mother's Day. In the photo, Liam was a very happy toddler with blonde hair and huge blue eyes. He smiled for the camera as his mother looked on at her youngest child lovingly.

Liam shared the following message.

"Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother ❤️❤️❤️"

What do you think about fans' reactions to Leonie Hemsworth and the photos that Chris Hemsworth shared on Mother's Day? Do you think she looks ageless?

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