Chris Hemsworth And Taika Waititi's Children Made The Monsters For Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth And Taika Waititi's Children Made The Monsters For Thor: Love and Thunder
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Thor: Love and Thunder will be dropping in theaters in just 2 days and fans keep getting to learn fun and exciting facts about the film that is bound to be a fun and exciting ride itself when it finally hits the theaters.

In a recent interview, it was revealed by director Taika Waititi , who also stars in the film as Korg, that several of the monsters featured in the film were actually based on the drawings made by his and Chris Hemsworth 's kids, which is why they look so whacky and crazy. Taika reveals how he had the idea of tapping into children's imaginations for the purpose of creating monsters in the following words:

'Here’s a fun fact, I haven’t talked about this at all. The monsters in the film were originally based on drawings that all of our kids did."

Taika revealed that his daughter came up to him while he was working and asked "What’s an oil monster?" which is just an idea that Taika had scribbled and Taika said, "I have no idea. I just wrote oil monster, whatever that means."

Taika reveals his daughter proceeded to draw a snake-like thing after asking, "What do you think that looks like? Do you think it’s spiky?"

This gave Taika an idea and he called up Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth recalls the conversation as follows:

"And then Taika said to me, 'Tell your kids to do some drawings,' and they did some drawings."

Once the drawings were made, Taika gave them to the visual effects department.

"They turned them into these fully rendered, wild monsters. In some of the kid's [drawings], they were super colorful. So we toned those down. But yeah, that’s why the monsters are so weird and look so cool. That’s why the monsters look like they were created by kids."


A stroke of genius from the director who is known for his unorthodox visions. Thor: Love and Thunder and its crazy monsters will be dropping in theatres on the 8th of July


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