Chris Harrison Teases Bachelor in Paradise First Ever Fist-Fight ‘It Is Surprising’

Chris Harrison Teases Bachelor in Paradise First Ever Fist-Fight ‘It Is Surprising’
Credit: Source ABC via YouTube

Chris Harrison is teasing the first-ever Bachelor In Paradise fistfight. The ABC reality TV show does have a strict policy regarding physical altercations, but the host insists this one is different.

BIP has already given viewers some major drama, and only two episodes have aired. Harrison promises fans the Blake Horstmann, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes relationship or tryst drama was just the beginning for the current season.

Oh yes, the show that is known for having some of the most intense OMG moments on television will give viewers something they have never seen on BIP .

Harrison spoke with E! News after the website obtained a preview clip of this week's episodes. In the footage, a massive fight erupts on the beach, and it is a must-see moment according to the host.

"It is coming this week. Look, we have to draw the line somewhere, and a physical altercation is where we draw the line. We don't mind if things get heated. There's a lot of Type A personalities, a lot of testosterone flying but it can't get physical, and it did, and we broke it up," Harrison shared at the Kershaw's Challenge 7th Annual Ping Pong 4 Purpose charity event.

He, of course, did not spill any details because the point is to get viewers intrigued enough to watch BIP . However, Harrison did make one promise to Bachelor Nation fans.

"I think you will be surprised with how it went. I'll leave it at that," Harrison stated.

Fans shouldn't expect all drama on BIP , although let's be honest that is one of the main reasons’ viewers tune in. Harrison also spilled there is a lot of romance on the current season.

BIP alums Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson filmed their recent wedding in Mexico for the show. Harrison officiated the union. It is going to be quite a fairytale event.

Fans of Bachelor In Paradise better not miss an episode this week. Chris Harrison claims the shows first ever fistfight is happening. The intense moment is not only going to spark a slew of drama but will also surprise fans.

Viewers are going to want to tune in to both Monday and Tuesday night's episodes. If the moment is as drama-filled and OMG-worthy as Harrison states it will likely end on Monday and spill over into Tuesday. What a fabulous way to keep viewers intrigued by teasing a nice juicy beach brawl cliffhanger.


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