Chris Harrison Claims There Exists A 'Double Standard' Between Men And Women In The Bachelor Nation

Chris Harrison Claims There Exists A 'Double Standard' Between Men And Women In The Bachelor Nation
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Chris Harrison stirred controversy in the entertainment news headlines this week after he suggested there existed a double standard for men and women in the Bachelor Nation.

When Harrison stopped by Maria Menounos' Better Together podcast this week, the host touched on strip dodgeball, saying how it never would've happened if it was women who were participating. Harrison asked on the podcast if there would've been such a thing had it been women?

He said, "No, I'll tell you that right now. No, 'cause it's not ok." He went on to say there was obviously a double standard, but maybe they should exist in some cases. As most know, the 49-year-old host has been affiliated with the Bachelor since 2002.

As it was previously reported, just this past month, Crawley discussed the date on Twitter after a social media user accused her of being a hypocrite. The user claimed it was "awful" that they had the men take off all their clothes.

Crawley, who famously starred on The Bachelor i n 2014, then tweeted a photo of Galavis who had participated in a highly sexual photoshoot for the season. Yosef Aborady also confronted Crawley in recent news, saying how he was "ashamed to be associated" with her.

Whether there is credence to the allegations against The Bachelor or not, it wouldn't be the first time the issue of gender and racial equality has been brought up in relation to the notorious reality series. For example, Rachel Lindsay put the franchise on blast when she claimed it was time for there to be a black bachelor.

Rachel wrote an essay in which she addressed how she was treated in the legal profession, arguing how she was going to distance herself from the franchise unless they met her and other critics' demands. As most know, Rachel was the first black woman to be cast as The Bachelorette i n the history of the show.


Another black woman to make history this year was Lashana Lynch who was announced as the James Bond replacement following Daniel Craig's departure.

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