Chris Evans Demands Authorities To Apprehend Man Who Assaulted Comedy Legend Rick Moranis

Chris Evans Demands Authorities To Apprehend Man Who Assaulted Comedy Legend Rick Moranis
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Chris Evans isn't happy with the news that someone assaulted the legendary comic, Rick Moranis , Page Six reported today. Today, the Captain America actor took to his Twitter account to call on authorities to arrest the man who assaulted him in the early hours of the morning.

Evans, on his Twitter account, said that his "blood" was "boiling," and then he urged the authorities to find him. "You don't touch Rick Moranis," Evans wrote. Reportedly, a surveillance clip shows the actor walking in the streets of New York to his apartment around 7:30 in the morning on Thursday.

A stranger walked up to Rick and punched him in the head for seemingly no reason. A representative for Rick released a statement claiming that he was doing just fine. The incident was ironic for Mr. Rick - as many fans have noted  - because he has been outside of the Hollywood limelight for years.

During past interviews, Rick has explained how he likes to live on his own and do many things by himself, including reading, watching films, and looking at artwork. Ever since he starred in some of the biggest comedy movies of the 1980s and the 1990s, the actor has stayed relatively quiet and away from the spotlight.

Chris Evans, on the other hand, has approached his career in an entirely different way. Earlier this year, the actor was in the headlines when he accidentally posted an image of his genitalia. During his appearence on Tamron Hall's talk show, the actor reflected on the mishap.

Chris said his weekend was filled with a lot of "interesting" lessons, and one of them was that a person has got to "roll with the punches." Around the same time, Chris took to his account to use the opportunity to urge fans and followers to vote in the upcoming election this year.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump - who was recently diagnosed with coronavirus - will face off against each other on the 4th of November. Earlier this year, Lil' Dicky also used his platform to call on people to vote in this year's election.

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