Chris D'Elia Dropped By Talent Agency Following Misconduct Claims

Chris D'Elia Dropped By Talent Agency Following Misconduct Claims
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Chris D'Elia lost representation from his talent agency today, CAA. As it was previously reported, the stand-up comedian faced an onslaught of social media vitriol when a woman first expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact the comedian was cast in a Netflix series, You.

When the first accusation was revealed, several other women online began sharing message exchanges they had with Chris D'Elia, with many of them claiming they were underage at the time of the conversation.

Fans of D'Elia know that he has seen a sudden explosion in popularity over the last few years due to his successful podcast, the role he has on the series, You, as well as his collaboration with Eminem. The rapper did an Instagram video in which he was poking fun at Eminem's rapping style, which later went viral.

However, it appears as though his career has taken a significant hit following the wave of sexual misconduct allegations regarding underaged girlfriends. While it's not clear if D'Elia is guilty of anything he has been accused of, social media has dubbed Chris as a sexual predator that "grooms" young girls.

According to Variety, who was the first publication to pick up on his initial statement, Chris was subsequently dropped by CAA. Previously, Chris came out with his own statement in which he said he admitted to offending people throughout his career.

However, he says he has never pursued underaged girls at any point in his life. D'Elia claimed that all of his relationships have been legal and consensual, and he has never exchanged photos or videos with people who have tweeted about him.

Chris went on to say he was "sorry" for letting himself get caught up in the celebrity lifestyle. He added, "that's my fault," and he said he owned it. Not long after the accusations came out, Whitney Cummings, his collaborator, released a statement addressing the accusations.

She said it was an abuse of power, and that women and girls had the right to enjoy the work of an artist or comedian without becoming a sexual target.

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