Chris Cuomo Lost 13 Pounds In Three Days And Calls Coronavirus A Beast

Chris Cuomo Lost 13 Pounds In Three Days And Calls Coronavirus A Beast
Credit: Source: Chris Cuomo/Instagram

Chris Cuomo is on the front lines battling the deadly Coronavirus from his home. Isolated in his basement, Chris has chosen to continue working (despite the admonition from his fellow co-workers, as reported by Dylan Fisher) and is broadcasting his nightly show Cuomo Prime Time from his home. Last night, Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta caught up with Chris during the special CNN Global Town Hall: Coronavirus Facts and Fears where he gave an update on his condition. He made it clear that though people see him while he battles fever, pain, blurred vision, and fatigue not to mistake his ability to speak to the public as a sign Coronavirus is an illness you can breeze through. Chris Cuomo revealed he has lost 13 pounds in three days and called the novel and deadly Coronavirus a beast, even for the 80 percent who contract the disease and are expected to make a full recovery.

As Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta were airing their show during Chris Cuomo's time slot they started the program by checking in with him. Though he said he was well, he explained a bit about what he's been experiencing. The previous day, while speaking to Dr. Gupta, Chris revealed that at one point, his fever had caused him to become delirious and he saw his deceased father, Mario Cuomo, sitting on the edge of his bed and heard him speak to him.

Chris Cuomo stated the following.

"The Beast comes at night, you know. As we know, the healthcare workers have taken to calling the virus "The Beast." I understand why. My fever has gone up a couple of degrees in like the last 30 minutes. Nights are tough. And I've learned something that I didn't know before. It is responsible journalism to say that 80 percent of people who get this statistically wind up OK, meaning they don't go to the hospital. They get through it. It is not humanly responsible though, from an ethical perspective. Now that I'm one of the anointed, and these people reach out to me, you suffer when you have this at home, unless you are ridiculously lucky, statistically, and maybe karmically as well. I can't tell you how many stories I've had of people who've had over 100, 102 fever for 8, 10, 12 days. And just to tell you what kind of toll that can take, look, it's not about life or death. I don't mean it that way. Otherwise, I wouldn't be doing the show. I'm not looking to scare people. I'm trying to do the opposite. I've lost 13 pounds in three days."

You may see the full video where Chris Cuomo spoke to Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the Coronavirus hell he is enduring in the video player below.

The Coronavirus death toll continues to rise across the country and though it is very grim, Chris wanted to remind people that 80 percent of those who contract the virus will recover.

Still, he encourages people not to let down their guards and asked the nation to continue being vigilant and following the recommendations and guidelines set forth by officials to help reduce the risk and hopefully contain Coronavirus once and for all.


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