Chris Cuomo Gets Into Verbal Altercation With Invasive Fan - Racial Slurs Were Hurled

Chris Cuomo Gets Into Verbal Altercation With Invasive Fan - Racial Slurs Were Hurled
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According to a report from Page Six, despite the fact CNN executives stood by Mr. Chris Cuomo after he was videotaped threatening another man who repeatedly called him, "Fredo," they were ultimately quite embarrassed by the incident.

Chris, who hosts the show, Cuomo Prime Time at 9:00 pm, said to the other man involved in the dispute that making a "Godfather" reference to an Italian-American was like using the "N-word." Chris called the man in the video a "punk-a** b*tch," and threatened to toss him down the stairs.

Reportedly, an insider close to the CNN executives claimed the bosses think Cuomo's response was "great," moreover, they believed Chris would get a massive pass because he's great friends with the president, Jeff Zucker.

Another insider claimed that top brass believe it's fine to stand up to invasive and aggressive individuals, but it went too far. The insider said to Page Six, that while they didn't believe it to be that bad, it did, however, give political opponents "ammunition" to fire at CNN and those who work for them.

The president, Donald Trump, apparently seemed to think the altercation was pretty funny, stating, "I thought Chris was Fredo also." The president went on to say that the "truth hurts," and that CNN was suffering low ratings.

CNN, on the other hand, backed up the television show host and claimed the man was purposefully trying to set Chris up and used an "ethnic slur." "We completely support him," their spokesperson and representatives stated.

If the man in the videotape really did purposefully orchestrate the incident, it wouldn't be the first time someone has done so to a famous celebrity and public figure.

Previously, a man who confronted Machine Gun Kelly in a bar with a video camera ended up getting viciously beat up by the rapper's crew after he left. Around that time, MGK had just finished his fiery feud with the legendary rapper, Eminem.

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