Chris Brown's Son Can Already Walk - Check Out The Cute Clip Of Him Making His First Steps!

Chris Brown's Son Can Already Walk - Check Out The Cute Clip Of Him Making His First Steps!
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He’s growing up so fast! It seems like just yesterday Chris Brown was breaking the internet with the news that he was going to add a baby boy to his family!

Now, Aeko is not only here but he is already learning how to walk!

While away from his dad in Germany with his mom Ammika Harris, the 9 month old is taking his first steps!

Due to the quarantine and the related travel restrictions, Ammika and Aeko are still in quarantine in Germany but fortunately, she was at least able to capture the moment on camera and share it with her baby’s father as well as the rest of the world!

After the proud dad of two also shared that his son has started to speak, being on his way to saying his big sister’s name after saying ‘dada’ and ‘mama,’ it turns out that talking is not the only toddler-like thing he’s been doing!

Chris Brown’s son is already walking too and he looked super precious in the video shared by Ammika on her IG account.

The footage shows the baby in a living room standing on his own.

He obviously wanted the drawing board his mom was holding judging by the frustrated noises he made but Ammika moved it slightly out of his reach, motivating Aeko to walk towards it.

‘C’mon, c’mon,’ the excited Ammika would say encouragingly as her son continued to reach for the drawing board.

Finally, he fell to the ground after making a few steps and his proud mom cheered: ‘good job baby!’

This is yet another milestone in his son’s life that Chris Brown is missing due to the travel restrictions amid this global pandemic but at least, Ammika always tries her best to document everything and share it with her baby daddy so that he doesn’t feel too excluded from his little ones’ life.


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