Chris Brown's Son, Aeko Is Twinning With His Dad In This Recent Photo

Chris Brown's Son, Aeko Is Twinning With His Dad In This Recent Photo
Credit: BET

Chris Brown's son, Aeko is looking more and more like his dad. Just take a look at this latest photo that The Shade Room posted online below.

The photo triggered a massive debate in the comments section. Some fans say that the boy is twining with his dad, but other people say that he doesn't look like him at all, and he is taking his mom's features.

Ammika Harris and Chris both disabled the comments just to make sure that haters don't get to have their say about this gorgeous baby.

A follower joked and said: 'He looks like he has a cpa, an 800 credit score and golfs on the weekend,' and someone else posted this: 'That baby looks like he got his own law firm.'

One commenter wrote: 'Y’all must haven’t seen his mama? He looks just like her. Dang let the baby grow into his features 🙄'

Someone else posted this: 'I will never understand the internet. This baby is gorgeous!' and another follower said: 'People in the comments will literally say anything to jump on the bandwagon, obviously it’s his baby & he’s a cutie.'

A follower said that Aeko looks like Ammika: 'This is a better pic of him. He looks like the BM. And yes, he looks white because the BM is not at all mixed🙄.'

Not too long ago, Chris posted another photo featuring Aeko and his mother .

In other news, fans are still unsure if the two are only co-parenting the infant or if they are actually in a romantic relationship as well.

After all, a lot of people online are pretty sure Chris is actually still in love with his ex, Rihanna. This is especially since RiRi is single these days.

After she broke up with her former BF, people started speculating whether Chris and RiRi will get back together.

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