Chris Brown's New Girlfriend, Indya Marie, Steamy Pictures Are Heating Up The Web -- Has He Finally Moved On From Rihanna?

Chris Brown's New Girlfriend, Indya Marie, Steamy Pictures Are Heating Up The Web -- Has He Finally Moved On From Rihanna?
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Indya Marie, who is Chris Brown's new girlfriend, has people intrigued with her latest steamy pictures on social media.

Over the weekend, Chris made it official that he is indeed dating Indya by sharing a sexy picture of the young model on his official Instagram page.

Additionally, several people confirmed to Page Six that the lovebirds were seen holding hands and looking very much in love during a romantic outing.

The father of one and his lady love, who have been together on and off since 2015, were also seen getting very cozy on the set of his video shoot with Eric Bellinger for "Type A Way."

Some fans are happy that Chris has found a new love while others are warning Indya to be careful because of the Rihanna drama.

A critic said: "Careful he might beat you at dancing contest. Girl, you better learn how to box for the day he tries to beat you. He probably looked at Rihanna like that once. And look how it ended."

This supporter stated: "You two look good together 😍😍😍 I think you should date. I’m sick tired of this man taking all the fine females, leave some for the less talented bruh. Congrats girl u deserve every blessing."

This fan shared: "Don’t [email protected] over a girl who looks at you like this, cause it’s a sacred admiration you don’t wanna fuck up, the best kind of love comes from someone who smiles at you like this❤️✊🏾🔥🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏

Another follower explained: "Both of my favorite people😭😭I luh you girl but don't get too comfortable with my man😘😂."

A source told Hollywood Life that Chris has finally moved on from Rihanna and added: “They have been in contact since then, they both have had various thoughts about each other on the romance side of things from time to time. But there has clearly been time that has passed to where Chris has to move on, and he has moved on. Rihanna has been dating Hassan for a few years, and Chris is happy if Rihanna is happy.”

The person went on to say: “Chris would like to get to a place where he could be more friends with her again and hang out on a more consistent basis and even record more music together."

The pal concluded: “So when he sees what she is doing or sees who she is dating, he thinks if Ri is happy, then he is happy. So when he sees her with Hassan, he chooses to be happy for her. He would rather see her in a good place then to hold a grudge or a candle out for her.”

Chris has matured in recent years.

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