Chris Brown's Fans Are Gushing Over His Dance Which Seems To Come So Natural

Chris Brown's Fans Are Gushing Over His Dance Which Seems To Come So Natural
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Chris Brown has a lot of fans but also a lot of haters. He's been surrounded by a massive controversy, and it's not about the old Rihanna-related event.

It's about the Michael Jackson comparison which triggered various reactions.

But his diehard fans are always saying that no one is so amazing at dancing after Michael than Chris.

Here's the video that was shared by The Shade Room.

A fan said: 'Giving Brown his flowers while he is still here. Here you go bruh: 💐🐐'

Someone else posted: 'Wowwww well one thing we can’t dispute is that this man is extremely talented.'

Another commenter shared: 'That’s why mannnnnn. He’s s great bc it comes so natural for him. He never looks like he’s trying. Wow!!!!'

A fan commented: 'Me & Chris don't get along because I'ma "Darkie", but i won't deny that he's very talented 🤷🏽'

One follower brought up 50 Cent and what he said a while ago: '50 cent is right CB better dancer than MJ ever was no disrespect to the king 🙏🏾'

Another fan posted: 'I used to be so obsessed with this man....and I still am idgaf😩😭🤣🙌🏾'

Other than this, the R&B star recently submitted his video for the DMX Challenge .

Just in case you don't know what this is, the social media trend involves celebrities and other people posting pictures and videos of themselves with different hairstyles that they had through the years.

In his own video, Chris went through an impressive amount of wild and colorful hairstyles, bringing back many old memories in the minds of his fans.

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