Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Is Very Excited For His Christmas Movie And This Video Captured Some Of It

Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Is Very Excited For His Christmas Movie And This Video Captured Some Of It
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Cuteness! Chris Brown's little girl has discovered that he did a Christmas movie and she is over the moon to watch it and dance along while watching her father on the screen.

Chris posted a brief video where his daughter, Royalty Brown, has the sweetest reaction to seeing him in This Christmas .

The cute 4-year-old child of Nia Guzman happily twirled around and clapped as she saw the R&B singer on the screen.

Fans are applauding the daughter's love for her father.

One person told the crooner: "Omg, that song was made for Christmas every time I hear it I get in the spirit. That's what music is supposed to do. Put you in a mood baby! Can't describe what this video does to me ?every daughter first love is there dad we need more strong black men ??He’s such a good dad NO ONE can take that away from him."

Another commenter stated: "I’m sorry?? When did she get that old???? Sis was just born yesterday?? She got her daddy dance skills??. The best movie yet. I can watch it 1000 times, and I never get tier. Baby girl will be following in his steps. Thank God Royal is back on ig I really miss these two. My seed better be this excited for me."

This fan claimed: "She’s getting big! Yoo I swear don’t anybody children age faster than celebrity’s children.... that lil girl was just like 2!! They must age by months instead of years. And she is always happy never see her grumpy or bratty like North lol."

A fourth supporter shared: "This Christmas"!! Nice! One of my favorite Holiday season movies of all time. Especially the end credits with the Soul Train line.. Might go watch it again tonight."

According to Hollywood Life , Chris is eager to spend Christmas with his baby girl.

An insider shared: “Chris is excited about celebrating Christmas with his daughter Royalty this year. Christmas was always a very big deal for Chris when he was a kid; he has the best memories of celebrating with his family, so it’s very important he make those special memories with Royalty now too. They have their traditions like decorating the tree and dancing around to Chris’s song, "This Is Christmas" and of course, opening presents. Most of the time Chris tries hard not to spoil Royalty, he wants her to grow up grounded. But on special occasions, like on her birthday or at Christmas he doesn’t see anything wrong with going all out. She’s at the perfect age for it now and has been writing long lists for Santa too; she’s so cute.”

Chris is maturing into a pretty cool dad.

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