Chris Brown’s Daughter Calls Her Dad 'Old' In Sassy And Cute 30th Birthday Video

Chris Brown’s Daughter Calls Her Dad 'Old' In Sassy And Cute 30th Birthday Video
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Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty is the cutest! The four year old girl wished her daddy a very happy birthday in a new clip on Instagram.

The footage shows the adorable child being very feisty and funny while paying tribute to her dad.

As fans know, Chris Brown is 30 years old now and what better gift he could ever wish for rather than his daughter’s sweet birthday message?

The video was posted on the girl’s personal Instagram account and shows her looking out a window when it first starts.

Then, she turns around and enthusiastically says: ‘Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you, I’m your only queen, you’re old.’ So funny!

It’s pretty great how she managed to both drag her dad and melt his heart. Slay!

Royalty obviously has a very strong personality already and her dad really likes to show off lovable and cute moments on social media.

And since fans can’t get enough of it, it’s a win-win situation!

All in all, there is no doubt that was Chris’ favorite birthday wish of the day!

This is just one of the many vids in which she has appeared throughout the years and all are equally adorable.

Just a couple of days ago, footage of Royalty dancing to her dad’s song Yeah 3X also surfaced.

She was showing her moves alongside cousin Madison Brown while at Disney World and at first, people did not know who she was but proving that she is super cute and talented, the clip became viral nonetheless!

It was then uploaded to her own account, reading: ‘Dancing in the rain to my daddy…at DISNEY WORLD!👑.’


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