Chris Brown's Baby Momma Nia Guzman Denies Reports That Chris Doesn't Pay Child Support

Chris Brown's Baby Momma Nia Guzman Denies Reports That Chris Doesn't Pay Child Support
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According to a report from Page Six, there are no problems between Chris Brown and his baby momma, Nia Guzman, who is the mother of Royalty, Brown's little girl. Despite the fact Chris is expecting a child with Ammika Harris, it appears as though Brown and Nia are doing well.

Previously, a report came out in which allegations against Chris were levied, notably, the idea that Chris wasn't paying child support to Nia. However, Nia addressed this controversy directly and pleaded with fans to stop the Chris-hatred.

Reporters from Page Six reached out to Nia for comment, and she willingly obliged, explaining that, actually, Chris is paying the bills. Guzman defended the "Loyal" artist and said he's not falling behind on any payments at all.

Guzman said, "Not true! All is great on our end," adding, "please stop with the Chris Brown bashing." The mother-of-one added, "he does pay and is not behind what so ever." When a representative for the singer reached out to Page Six, they made similar claims.

A representative for the criticized artist said Chris is taking care of his baby momma and her daughter well and isn't behind on any payments. Things are going well between them. There's no question that Brown was able to shake it off, as he and fellow artist, Drake, were spotted hanging out in Miami along with a bevy of women recently.

As it was previously reported, Chris Brown's status in the music industry came under siege following reports that he was involved in a brutal domestic dispute with fellow singer and music/fashion industry juggernaut, Rihanna.

After pictures surfaced in the media in which Rihanna was badly bruised, Chris' reputation has never been quite the same, although, he has been able to create consistent music since then. Moreover, he has had relationship issues with other women as well, including Karreuche Tran.

Earlier this year, Chris came under fire for leaving a comment on Karreuche Tran's photo in which he made reference to her boyfriend's choice of clothing. Chris said he would love to be Victor Cruz's stylist.

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  • Coley
    Coley Jul 6, 2019 5:49 AM PDT

    Oh, we know hes paying support. Shes already had her body transformation and living the lavish life now. Trust me, she ain't do that on her own... #supportlife

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