Chris Brown's Baby Momma, Ammika Harris Shares A Couple Of Pregnancy Pics And Fans Are In Awe

Chris Brown's Baby Momma, Ammika Harris Shares A Couple Of Pregnancy Pics And Fans Are In Awe
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Chris Brown's baby mom, Ammika Harris, decided to share a couple of pics since she was pregnant with baby boy Aeko. She told followers that her friends asked her to post these, and that's why she's doing it.

'Just a citizen of the universe. ( my friends said to share this)' Ammika captioned her post, which includes a couple of amazing maternity pics.

Fans are gushing over her beauty in the comments, and they tell Ammika that she never looked more beautiful than in these pics.

Someone said: 'Omg you look absolutely stunning!!🤯' and another follower posted: 'Awww look at your baby bump.'

One commenter wrote: 'Pregnant belly is theeee best!!! Love you for sharing 🙏🏻❤️'

A fan wrote: 'Ok then!!!! Pregnant Mika was killing the photoshoots🤍. You look wonderful in this shoot. Thank you to Ammika friends for telling her to share it!!

A commenter posted this: '@ ammikaaa you are beautiful and gorgeous. Thanks, Aeko's mom,' while another backer said: 'You are so pretty, not just put makeup on pretty, like naturally pretty.'

A fan also had a message to post on social media and said this: 'Unfortunately for men... A woman is never more beautiful than when she’s in pain... men stand back like I couldn’t go through that... look at her giving life to our family... that’s a fact.'

One of Ammika's fans posted: 'I love the post-maternity pix. Your Whole roll out is vibes.'

Other than this, not too long ago, Ammika took to social media to share yet another super adorable picture of her and Chris Brown’s baby boy .

As expected, the comment section was positively invaded by people saying the two-month-old baby is a ‘cutie’ and that he looks a lot like his father.

Chris seems to be living his best life, and he's enjoying his two kids, Aeko and Royalty Brown, a lot these days.

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