Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris's Flat Tummy Picture Raises Unexpected Question

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris's Flat Tummy Picture Raises Unexpected Question
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Ammika Harris recently took to Instagram, where she delighted her followers by sharing a sweet photo of herself in a tight-fitting top that revealed her flat tummy, just months after giving birth to baby Aeko.

Chris Brown's baby mama had fans baffled by her toned figure, and many wanted to know how she accomplished such a great feat.

One person reached out with this question: "How did you manage to have a flat tummy immediately after birth?"

Ammika responded by: "😩 aeko Is 7 months already 😳."

This mom explained to Ammika and her followers that it is not always the case for some women: "In our part of Africa, some take years to get back normal tummy, some don't even go back to their normal tummy again, except few ladies, so don't be shocked she asked. It depends on your type of body... I mean, genes, not where you from. I think."

Another social media user wrote: "It does, but it doesn't completely get rid of it. Since I had no ab muscle support, my back would constantly hurt. I do physical therapy for my ab muscle separation (diastasis recti) and then I was able to exercise my core. Now my core is pretty strong, but I still have the pooch and the loose skin. Unfortunately, it needs surgery to pull the muscles together and cut away the loose, extra skin. That would really just be for appearance, so my stomach would look normal again, but it's major surgery. More than a tummy tuck is involved since you're sewing together the rectus abdominus muscles. Anyways I'm nervous for that major of a surgery. 🤷🏻‍♀️"

This person had this to say: "We're talking about flat tummy after birth. Every woman has her own experience regardless of your continent or lifestyle... We can both be African, same country, same city, same family, same lifestyle, but bounce back differently because we have different bodies."

One backer had this sweet compliment: "I have three, and I have permanent abdominal separation and loose skin that can only be fixed through surgery. Wait a minute now, can you tell him that the fans told him to please stop growing and to stay a baby forever."

Ammika and Chris seem to be getting serious again.

Chris Brown and Ammika are eager to reunite.

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