Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Shows Lots Of Skin In Video Ruined By Her Sisters As Rumors Claim She Is Still Dating The Singer

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Shows Lots Of Skin In Video Ruined By Her Sisters As Rumors Claim She Is Still Dating The Singer
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Ammika Harris has decided to delight and entice her followers with a stunning photo showing lots of skin while jamming to her favorite music.

Chris Brown's on-and-off girlfriend posted a video where she is wearing a low bandeau top, has perfect makeup, and flaunting her gorgeous sunkissed skin.

The model opted to have her long hair in a high ponytail. She used the caption to explain how her sisters almost ruined the stunning photo session.

She wrote: "Mute because my sisters was having a real weird convo back there."

One fan said this: "Amazingly beautiful as always. Such a natural beauty and strong glad to see you are getting out a little more than before, even if you are running errands. 💗😘"

A second follower stated: "Looking absolutely radiant and snatched 😌✨❤️_no explanation needed girl, YOU'RE GORGEOUS!"

Another commenter asked about the rumors she split from Chris: "So is Chris going to Germany, or are you going back to LA because, by law, it's possible in some way for both of you now."

This social media user said the couple is still together despite the fact that they no longer follow each other on social media and added: "There posts had nothing to do with each other at least his didn't. He posted that yesterday, not in response to her. He posted that way before she posted about being wifed. TSR don't know what the hell they be talking about they just love to create drama."

A fifth person shared this theory: "You damn right! That's why she doesn't need to say nothing duh.... and just a reminder she doesn't need you to tell people in her comments about minding their business. You just a fan, not a social media manager."

A source told Hollywood Life why the pair split briefly: "Chris and Ammika unfollowed each other on social media, but it won't last long. Their relationship is complicated, but who could blame them? They have their ups and downs just like everybody else, plus they're living under a microscope with the added pressure of being on different continents."

The insider added: "Not being able to see each other in person and spend real time together, all while being quarantined, would make anybody frustrated. They have so much going on, and they've been making the best of it after not being together, and Chris not seeing his son in person for six months now. They'll be fine, and it's really not a big deal. They'll likely be flirting on social media again in no time."

Ammika has found her lane on social media.

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