Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Is Criticized For Her Weight In This Photo; She Responds As Fans Show Her Love

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Is Criticized For Her Weight In This Photo; She Responds As Fans Show Her Love
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It seems that Ammika Harris cannot catch a break. Chris Brown's baby mama recently took to social media, where she posted a sexy photo in jeans bustier and matching pants.

It seems that the new mother decided to have some fun as she lied on the floor with her phone nearby. The picture was supposed to be an ad for a well-known fashion brand.

Many fans praised the young model for her stellar look while a handful of critics bashed her muffin top and because her pants are too tight. Ammika decided to address the matter.

One critic called her out saying: "She needs a better photographer. This vision doesn’t look professionally done at all. Why is her phone sitting there? Why did he instruct her to pose this way? Pretty girl that needs better direction because if I were a serious brand, if this were presented in a portfolio, I wouldn’t hire her. This is more on the photographer than the client. They’re supposed to have creative direction, and this isn’t it."

Another hater stated: "The pose looks awkward, and I can feel how tight her jeans.
Naw like FR, this picture looks a hot mess 😂😂😂 from her little muffin top on the side to the hideous outfit like nooooooo Fashion Nova. This is a complete failure. GET OFF THE FLOOR SIS 😭😭💀."

This person bashed Ammika for working: "This all you post. Someone needs money."

A fan defended her: "Just say it’s cute and keep it pushing you gotta think about other people’s feelings. When someone says, “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it,” but you take that literally😂. Love the Outfit🖤. How tf can you hate on someone for working? What kind of BUM are you???"

Ammika chose to defend herself in a message that read: "This was a spontaneous pic:) and I was playing on my phone. I choose to have it there. It’s not the ACTUAL PICTURE. 😊"

A third backer replied: "all of you are miserable everyone saying she secured a bag by having her son and then turn around and hate on her for securing a bag on her own for her son..Get a life acting as you get paid to troll 😂😂😂."

Chris's baby mama is handling the attention well.

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