Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Is Attacked For A Skimpy Bathing Suit Photo And Her C-section Scar -- She Humiliated The Critic With This Response

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Is Attacked For A Skimpy Bathing Suit Photo And Her C-section Scar -- She Humiliated The Critic With This Response
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The infamous mom-shamers are attacking Ammika Harris, and Chris Brown's baby mama is fighting back.

The model posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit about one month after giving birth, and one person bashed her for the skimpy look and for hiding her C-section scar.

The critic said: "Can you all Instagram models at least heal your six weeks before posting... We can wait... Literally... Your baby needs you, and even though you posting half body shots, I know you are just trying to cover up the c sections scar... Embrace motherhood. 🤦🏾🤦🏾"

She hit back saying: "I do all mommy duties, and it takes 2 minutes to take a selfie. ❤️😘"

She later added: "well, my scar is way way down there, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, MY SON IS GOOD! MIND YOUR BUSINESS!"

One defender told Chris's on-and-off girlfriend: "You think your that perfect mom, don’t you ?!?! News flash, NO ONE is perfect. We all try to be, and all your doing is causing stress to everyone around you, including your baby! Living life is so much more fun instead of being miserable. So miserable that you have a hate on people. She feels fantastic; you can see that her eyes and so what she wanted to capture and show the world that she is doing great and feeling great !! As she said, it takes 2 seconds to snap a photo, and you automatically ASSUME that she isn’t embracing motherhood or being a good mother! Dam, you are hating that she is shining bright, and you are dimming into the night! Don’t hate congratulate 🎊🎈💕 women need to raise each other and don’t be hating just because someone is looking better than you at the time. Not going to lie, I am jealous she looks like this so soon after giving birth !! I don’t even look that good now, lol 😂."

Meanwhile, Brown's recent Instagram activity sparked a wave of speculations that the famous singer may be engaged to his reported girlfriend, Ammika, who gave birth to his son, Aeko, in November.

The engagement rumor started after the 30-year-old celebrity shared a photograph, in which he was sleeping with his newborn toddler on his chest.

However, even though many fans were gushing over the adorable baby, a large portion of Brown's supporters were more impressed by the massive diamond ring that was on the rapper's left hand.

The "Come Together" performer titled the new post by merely inserting a heart emoji and left the picture without any further explanation.

While many fans complimented Brown on his adorable son, others asked what the diamond jewelry meant and wondered if it was a hint for something more.

One follower even directly stated that the ring looked like a wedding one, yet though so far neither Ammika nor Chris have confirmed if they are in a relationship.

The two celebrities welcomed their first child together on November 20 without Ammika ever sharing the news she was pregnant in the first place.

After Aeko's birth, it was the singer who posted the first photos of the baby on social media.

This is the second child for the lyricist, who is also father to a 5-year-old girl, Royalty, from his former girlfriend, Nia Guzman.

Meanwhile, Ammika has recently revealed what it was like to go through the pregnancy and the hardship she faced in getting back into her former shape.

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