Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Is Asked To Delete This Video Because She Showed Too Much

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Is Asked To Delete This Video Because She Showed Too Much
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Ammika Harris is very busy these days showing off her snap-back game in various outfits that are head turners.

This week, Chris Brown's baby mama seems to have outdone herself by wearing a summer-ready pink dress that showed off her stunning figure.

Ammika also showed off the happiness that lives in her now that she is back with Chris. The model, who recently gave birth to baby Aeko, was radiant in an off-the-shoulder dress where she twirled around.

One person said she showed too much, and she should delete it: "You still have time to delete this. N*p slip."

This defender wrote this: "Does this turn you on? Have you never seen an n*p before? Yes, she a woman & yes, there will always be flaws in here and there .. Stop judging! This his her life & her passion, just let be who she wants to be! .. Wtf you've done with yo life so far? Here a big question? Who breastfeed you? A n*p, right? Go crawl back from whatever hole u came from!"

Ammika had this answer: "You are focused on the wrong things in life my dude."

It was recently reported on Hollywood Life that Chris is eager for Ammika to return to America.

An insider said: "Chris is confident that Ammika and his son will be back in the states soon enough, and he can't wait to hold them again. Chris loves them both so much, and they are everything to him. He knows they're doing well in Germany and have a lot of support there from Ammika's family too. Chris is constantly getting updates on how they're doing, and he loves seeing how much his son is growing up. Chris knows what an amazing mom Ammika is, and he's completely confident that she's taking amazing care of Aeko while they're in Germany."

The family friend went on to add: "Ammika is not currently living with Chris at the moment, and she's still in Germany at this point with Aeko. It's unsure when she'll come back to the states, but she is constantly in communication with Chris. Ammika is always talking with Chris over FaceTime with Aeko, texting, sending pictures and videos, etc., so Chris is still very much involved in his son's life and knows what's going on with him and Ammika at all times."

Will the parents of baby Aeko get married?

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