Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Has Fans Confused With Pictures Where She Flaunts A Tiny Baby Bump -- Is Child Number 2 On The Way?

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Has Fans Confused With Pictures Where She Flaunts A Tiny Baby Bump -- Is Child Number 2 On The Way?
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Chris Brown, 30, is far away from his son, Aeko, but meanwhile, his baby mama, Ammika Harris, 26, has been busy sharing adorable photos to keep him and his fans up to date.

The model recently took to social media, where she shared a few heart-melting pictures of his 3-month old son, Aeko, while she is back home in Germany.

Ammika also created significant confusion by showing a few photos where she had a small baby bump while wearing a stunning pink outfit.

She captioned the photo: "When creating an angel."

A baffled fan asked: "Thought she was pregnant again😭ess more belly pics 😩 obsessed😍 in love 🥰 hair so long‼️"

Another commenter explained: "Probably old pregnancy pics. You just killed it again favorite person, you are amazing."

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and said the pair is committed to co-parenting while being oceans apart.

The person stated: “Ammika is not currently living with Chris at the moment, and she’s still in Germany at this point with Aeko. It’s unsure when she’ll come back to the states, but she is constantly in communication with Chris. Ammika is always talking with Chris over FaceTime with Aeko, texting, sending pictures and videos, etc. so Chris is still very much involved in his son’s life and knows what’s going on with him and Ammika at all times.”

The insider went on to explain: “Ammika is still modeling, and she’s been doing photo shoots for Fashion Nova in Germany, and Chris just wrapped his tour, so he’s enjoying some downtime, but he’s always working on something behind the scenes. Ammika loves Chris’s mom, and they have a great relationship. They also catch up often so Ammika can keep Chris’ mom updated with everything about Aeko.”

The friend went on: “Chris and Ammika share a powerful bond, and it’s only gotten stronger since the baby was born. Chris is head over heels in love with his son and so grateful to Ammika for bringing him into this world. This Christmas, he will be spoiling both of them rotten.”

The person concluded with: “Ammika is really adjusting to motherhood like a natural. She is so nurturing, and she is there for everything and anything Aeko needs. Ammika’s loved ones have seen a different side of her since becoming a mom, and it’s only made her even more beautiful in their eyes than they ever imagined. She is so protective of Aeko, and she’s constantly holding him, staring at him, and never wants to put him down. It’s really adorable, and it’s so sweet to see the love between them.”

Chris and Ammika have found the right balance.

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