Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Had The Perfect Clapback After A Fan Insulted Her Lips In This Photo

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Had The Perfect Clapback After A Fan Insulted Her Lips In This Photo
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It seems that Ammika Harris cannot catch a break. This week, Chris Brown's baby mama took to social media, where she delighted her almost 1 million followers with a selfie that was taken in her car.

The new mom took the opportunity to give her fans and even foes a good piece of advice -- always wear a seat belt.

She wrote: "Please put your seatbelt on." A critic stepped in the comment section to criticize her lips -- which are natural. The woman stated: "Please reduce your lip size."

Chris's lady love gave the perfect response. She wrote: "How?"

One fan defended Ammika by saying: "You got perfect lips, and natural lucky god bless, she just mad because your beautiful boo, and keep being beautiful. Keep your ☮️ and positivity. Don't let the haters get to you. Don't let their misery and unhappiness, jealousy, and envy touch you. Keep them out of your head 🙏🙏🙏🙏💗💗💗😘. By the way, kiss Aeko for me. He is an angel, and you, Chris, are blessed, remember that."

Another commenter stated: "Filter lips disappear at the end corners (guessing that's where they inject the needle) Her lips are real; you can see a full shape, corners, and all. Ignorance is bliss😆😆😆a hater🤦‍♀️ her lips are beautiful ik bare people who would kill to have them."

This backer wrote: "She put her lipstick over her lip to make them look bigger, but she doesn’t need to because there already a good size. Girl, you’re beautiful! Girls out here paying mad $ for lips like yours 👄! stay true, do you."

A third person explained: "It looks like she got her lips rejected😂 that wasn’t necessary she’s so pretty you’re a wannabe n a hater bye get off her page. Lol, I can guarantee you she probably wants your lips 🙄 women to be so hateful on pretty real-life women with pretty facial features I don’t get why 🤦🏻‍♀️. nothing wrong with her lips reduce those stingy ponytails.♥️"

This follower added: "Don't reduce anything you're frigging gorgeous 🔥😍👄 a lot of girls are going to be jealous of your lips. Don’t waste your energy on them by responding. It’s just negativity you don’t need."

Ammika is showing a lot of class in dealing with critics.

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