Chris Brown Would Love It If Daughter Royalty Became An Entertainer Like Him - She's His 'Legacy'

Chris Brown Would Love It If Daughter Royalty Became An Entertainer Like Him - She's His 'Legacy'
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According to one new insider report, Chris Brown hopes that his daughter Royalty will follow into his footsteps and will become an entertainer as well when she grows up. The source shared with HollywoodLife that Brown sees the little girl as his legacy and believes her future is very bright.

The father is very proud every time he sees his four year old showing off her dancing and singing skills.

One insider told the news outlet that Brown also loves being a father a lot!

‘Chris is learning to be a better person thanks to Royalty. He knows that he has to show her the best he can be because he has clearly had his struggles, but he is determined and motivated to show Royalty the life she deserves.’

They went on to dish that ‘Fatherhood has become the best job of his life and it is something he never wants to mess up. If there is anything people say about Chris Brown, one thing is for sure, and that is people will say he is a great father. It is important to him for that to be one of his legacies in life.’

Furthermore, when it comes to Royalty being talented and trying to emulate whatever he does, Brown thinks it’s very cute and just ‘amazing!’

That being said, he would be extremely happy if she chose a career in the entertainment industry, be it dancing, singing, acting or anything else in that world!

He just knows that the ‘sky is the limit’ for his child and can’t wait to see what path she chooses since she is so talented.

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  • Pat
    Pat Jan 20, 2019 9:38 PM PST

    Cute girl. Looks just like her dad.

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