Chris Brown Was Reportedly Hit With $1.5 Million Lawsuit

Chris Brown Was Reportedly Hit With $1.5 Million Lawsuit
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Chris Brown has been reportedly hit with a lawsuit. Check out the latest reports coming from The Shade Room.

'It seems like Chris Brown just cannot catch a break with these lawsuits! Just last week, Chris was hit with a suit from a young women alleging he slapped her weave off and just a few days later, Chris' housekeeper filed a suit alleging she was mauled by his dog. New documents reveal Breezy is now being sued for his 2017 hit, 'Privacy', TSR notes.

TSR said that according to legal documents obtained by Music Business Worldwide, Greensleeves Publishing Ltd is suing Chris Brown and Sony Music Entertainment for sampling Red Rat's 1997 dancehall song 'Tight Up Skirt' without permission.

It's been also revealed that the publishing company claims Chris 'took the core musical feature' of the song and 'used it prominently' in 'Privacy' without permission.

Someone said: 'Producers and writers will sample things and not tell the artist or label that they have done so. Sometimes they feel like they didn’t take enough of whatever they sampled for it to be an issue. Sometimes they get by and sometimes they don’t. Not sure what happened in this case but i know CB has no problem clearing samples. He cleared MJ which is the hardest to clear! Hope it all works out.'

A commenter said: 'Yall not seriously saying you dont hear it when chris brown literally said it in a fake jamaican accent lmaooo.'

Someone else posted this: 'The song been out for a while why are they now just saying something 😭'

One commenter wrote: 'Dude is clearly broke and needs money.... It's 2021 and you just now wanna sue over a 2017 song?!'


Stay tuned for more news about Chris and his amazing family.

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