Chris Brown Was Reportedly Accused Of Refusing To Submit Drug Test Records To Former Manager

Chris Brown Was Reportedly Accused Of Refusing To Submit Drug Test Records To Former Manager

Chris Brown and his former manager have an ongoing lawsuit and the latest reports claim that Chris refuses to submit his drug test records. Here's what happened.

It seems that Chris' former manager wants him to be sanctioned because the singer is now refusing to submit the records that we mentioned above.

These are the records of the drug tests that have been previously conducted.

The Shade Room notes that according to The Blast, 'Brown’s former manager Mike Guirguis filed documents on November 29th accusing him of ignoring requests to hand over documents and information in their ongoing lawsuit.'

TSR continues and writes that 'Guirguis sued Brown back in 2016 and accused him of “false imprisonment, assault, battery, defamation, and breach of contract.” Guirguis had been added to Brown’s team to help fix his image following the incident involving Rihanna.'

Guirguis says that he served Chris with some document requests a few months ago, but he also claims that he hasn't received any document so far.

It seems that the documents that he is looking to get include some drug tests Chris took back in 2016.

People seemed pretty angry in the comments section that things about Chris' past are being brought up to light again.

Someone posted 'Omg why do people insist on bothering him nobody will let him be great smh.'

Another follower also said 'I’m tired of y’all trying to keep my bruva, Christopher, down. leave him alone.'

On a happier note, Chris plans to spend this Christmas with his baby girl, Royalty and he's looking forward to it.

A source spilled the tea for Hollywood Life and said that 'Chris is excited about celebrating Christmas with his daughter Royalty this year. Christmas was always a very big deal for Chris when he was a kid; he has the best memories of celebrating with his family, so it’s very important he make those special memories with Royalty now too.'

We really hope that he has excellent holidays.

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  • Ailed Medina
    Ailed Medina Dec 7, 2018 9:56 AM PST

    Please leave Chris Brown alone. Let the Man enjoy life. And hes family. Instead of bringing old S back leave the past in the past. Live in the moment and future. Happy holidays

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