Chris Brown Wants 'Nothing More' Than To Reunite With His Son, Source Says!

Chris Brown Wants 'Nothing More' Than To Reunite With His Son, Source Says!
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Chris Brown misses his son a lot since he is so far away from him and would like nothing more in life at this point than having him in his arms. As you probably know, the little one and his mom, Ammika Harris are still stuck in Germany due to the travel restrictions instituted because of the COVID-19 pandemic and it really sounds like Chris misses them both a lot!

The artist has been dreaming of a reunion with his little family for months but since that is still not possible, at least he gets to chat with his mini-me via FaceTime every single day, Ammika and he, making sure the toddler doesn’t forget his daddy’s face.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Chris knows that he has a lifetime of memories to make with his son and knows that no matter what, this traveling ban is temporary. Aeko's so young and Chris does everything he can to have as much FaceTime with him as possible. He is constantly checking in on his son and he plans to either visit Germany or have him come back to the States and visit when it is safe to.’

A second insider went on to stress that while he would do anything to reunite with his son, that does not include anything that puts his health, or anybody’s health for that matter, at risk!

‘Chris isn’t willing to take risks when it comes to the safety of his son or of Ammika's. He misses holding his son, but his priority's what is in the best interest for his child and that is safety. Once they are allowed to see each other, they will discuss plans on reuniting again. Chris wants nothing more than to see Aeko on a consistent basis and when it's safe, it will happen,’ they dished.

Hopefully, the loving father will be able to see his child face to face as soon as possible.

For the time being, however, the situation is still very uncertain so it might be a while.

At least Chris is well aware that his son is in good hands so he can rest assured that he’s being taken care of.


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