Chris Brown Throws Shade at His Own Fans and at “Non-Lyrical Rappers”

Chris Brown Throws Shade at His Own Fans and at “Non-Lyrical Rappers”

Chris Brown’s new single release took fans by surprise and they of course enjoyed the song called ‘Party’ very much. However, just a day later, the artist has another surprise for his fans, and it is not at all as nice.

Brown took on Instagram to rant about his lack of recognition and support on iTunes for his hard work and lyrical talent. Although he realized his words might have been too harsh and conceited and quickly deleted the post, fans were able to screenshot the lengthy caption.

Although the entertainer spent a week promoting Party on social media and his song’s Music Video was posted only last Friday night, already counting millions of views on YouTube music channel Vevo, the success of the single seemed too small in comparison with the amount of work her though he put in.   His Instagram message sounded angry and disappointed when he threw shade at “non-lyrical rappers”, blasting his fans in the process.

His angry rant only made him look like he was not grateful for the appreciation and love he got from his fans and in the end did nothing but sabotage his own music with his arrogant attitude.

The heated message read:

"Take ya head out y'all a** and support the only artist left with a vision and dedication to his fans. I Aint GONE KEEP BUSTING MY A** FOR IT TO BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED BY F*CKN***AS IN SOCIETY! IM ON MY GORILLA SH*T! … I'm passionate about my sh*t and you can name one n***a that directs his own sh*t/spend money on my projects out my pocket!!! … Y'all better wake up following these non lyrical rappers and scared a** internet thugs! #NOMOREFAKESH*T. Put yo money where ya mouth is!!!! Simple as that!!! ( NO ARROGANCE, I JUST KNOW WHAT IM WORTH) you should to!"


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