Chris Brown Shocked And Hurt By Rihanna And Hassan Jameel's Dinner Date

Chris Brown Shocked And Hurt By Rihanna And Hassan Jameel's Dinner Date
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Rihanna and Hassan Jameel were caught together on a dinner date despite their split, and now, rumor has it that her ex, Chris Brown is devastated at the thought that the singer and the billionaire businessman have reunited. Was the man hoping he’d finally get another chance after breaking up with Jameel?

One insider tells HollywoodLife that Chris was completely ‘crushed’ and shocked by the news that RiRi and Hassan are spending time together again.

‘Chris is crushed, he had no idea that Rihanna was still dealing with Hassan. He fully believed that they were over and done for good, so it is a real blow to find out that they were out for a romantic dinner. Chris is taking it really hard because he was getting his hopes up,’ the source dished.

But apparently, Brown is not giving up on his plans to win Rihanna back and Christmas is supposedly a big part of his strategy this year.

However, the insider explained that he might not even try anything anymore during the holidays since Rihanna might be back together with Hassan.

Not too long ago, Chris reacted to one of Rihanna’s sexy posts on social media by leaving a blushing face emoji, and he is well aware he might have crossed the line by making his affection and attraction towards her so publicly obvious.

And he would show his love even more, but the source tells HollywoodLife that Rihanna’s made it very clear to him many times that she wants her personal life to remain private.

‘Chris is usually careful to follow her wishes, but there's times when he slips up and does something public. He just cannot help himself. He wants the world to know there is still a connection between them,’ they explained, adding that for now, they are just friends, but Chris hopes she will realize they belong together one day.


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