Chris Brown And Rihanna Getting Closer Despite Him Dating Vanessa Vargas

Chris Brown And Rihanna Getting Closer Despite Him Dating Vanessa Vargas
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Chris Brown and Rihanna in the same sentence - that sounds like trouble. On April 6th, Mr. Brown took to social media to wish Rihanna's mother, Monica Braithwaite, a happy 57th birthday.

Please note that Brown is connecting with Rihanna while he is on tour with his new girlfriend, Vanessa Vargas, who calls him "daddy" on social media.

On Instagram, the Barbarian star posted a photo of her mother in a sweater dress and shared this beautiful caption that her mom wrote: “Thank God today for 57 years. The best thing about today is being blessed with love from all you guys. You make it so special. Love you.”

Within minutes, Brown wrote a little note to let his almost mother-in-law know that he was thinking of her on the special day.

Brown, who was on his "Party Tour" in Cleveland, Ohio last night wrote, “HAPPY BDAY” followed by several XOXOs and kissing emojis.

Of course, the Internet spotted the Brown's post and started wondering, is he back in touch with Rihanna?

A source close to Miss Rihanna Fenty said they fear she will take him back.

The insider said: “They understand that she and Chris had a strong bond, but there are some things you just have to move on from. Her pals are hoping that she never returns to Chris even in a friends capacity.”

Another source added: “Rih knows Chris is on tour, doing his thing, but him taking the time to drop her mother a special note like that on Instagram, that speaks volume to Rihanna. His message to her earned him major cool points when they were together and treated her mom like royalty.”

Brown is currently dating model Vargas, who is present at all of his concerts and was seen in his car and home.

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