Chris Brown Reveals His Precious Son Aeko Said ‘Dada’ For The First Time — Check Out The Clip!

Chris Brown Reveals His Precious Son Aeko Said ‘Dada’ For The First Time — Check Out The Clip!
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Chris Brown’s son is already saying his first few words and one of them is ‘dada!’ Aeko totally impressed fans when the proud dad shared a clip captured while the toddler was showing off his talking skills! Check it out!

They grow up so fast! It feels like only yesterday it was revealed that Chris Brown had given his daughter a sibling and now, the son he had with Ammika Harris is already learning to talk!

Now, Aeko is nine months old and unfortunately, Chris is still unable to be with him since he and Ammika are quarantined in Germany!

But, at least he got to hear the tiny tot call him ‘dada’ remotely, if not in person!

The footage shows the adorable baby boy giggling at the camera and Chris wrote in the caption that he ‘called me da da for the first time… then heard him say mama. Tryna get em say roro next… #angelkissesforthemrs.’

He was, of course, referring to the nickname he has for his daughter, Royalty Brown, so it sounds like Chris has been trying to get Aeko to say his older half-sister’s name as well! How precious!

Sadly, the video did not capture the moment the tot actually said the words but he was still super adorable.

Seeing how intelligent he really is at his young age, there is no doubt that he will soon say Roro as well as many other worlds with no problem and many of those will be caught on camera as well, much to the excitement of fans.

In the meantime, the little family has no choice but be separated due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions but at least Ammika keeps Chris posted on what’s going on with their son so that he can be in his life as much as possible, although only virtually.


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