Chris Brown Reportedly Really Wants To Live Together With Ammika Harris And Their Son As A Family!

Chris Brown Reportedly Really Wants To Live Together With Ammika Harris And Their Son As A Family!
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As fans know, after months of being away from each other because of the pandemic, Chris Brown reunited with his son and baby mama, Ammika Harris in Tulum, Mexico! That being said, now, one insider report claims to know that all the man wants is to continue being by their side, having a very happy future with the both of them – as a family!

More precisely, finally spending some time with Ammika and their 11 month old baby boy, Aeko, has gotten Chris to realize he wants them to live under the same roof from now on, along with his other child, daughter, Royalty, of course, who was also in Tulum with them.

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The little family vacation followed months during which Ammika and Aeko were stuck in Germany because of the travel restrictions put in place to avoid the further spread of the coronavirus.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Chris and Ammika’s reunion has been very positive and healing. They've been staying in Tulum in a private villa at the beach and Chris has been taking the time to bond with his son and Ammika. His mom and Royalty were so very happy be able to visit, as they missed Aeko. They get along great with Ammika and they see her as family.’

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Another insider went on to dish via the same news outlet that ‘Chris would like to make things work with Ammika and try to figure out how they could all be together as a family. He is looking into it and has been looking into it throughout the time he also wasn’t seeing Aeko. Chris would love nothing more to have Ammika and Aeko and Royalty all under the same roof. It’s a work in progress to say the least. But his intentions are to be with Ammika romantically in the future.’


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