Chris Brown Reportedly Agrees To Pay Increased Child Support And Plans To Get Nia Guzman A New Home

Chris Brown Reportedly Agrees To Pay Increased Child Support And Plans To Get Nia Guzman A New Home
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It seems that after such an extended child support-related battle, eventually Chris Brown and Nia Guzman reach an agreement and the drama may come to an end.  The Shade Room just reported that these two are finally on the same page. Here's what's new on the subject.

According to TMZ and via TSR, Chris and Nia managed to reach a new child support payment that makes both parties happy.

TSR writes 'If you remember, a few months ago, we reported that Nia was looking for much higher child support payments, around $21K a month. She reportedly wanted the increase for their daughter Royalty's safety.'

She claimed that Chris' fans were trying to take photos of their daughter and often waiting outside of her apartment just to be able to get a pic of Royalty.

The increase was going to go towards enhanced safety for Royalty.

Nia did not get as much as she used to ask for, but nonetheless, more sources close to the situation have confirmed that she will be getting a significant increase from her $2,500 she was previously getting from Royalty's dad.

More than that, it seems that Chris also plans to buy her a home that’s safer for her and their daughter.

People'sd opinions on the subject were pretty varied on TSR's comments section.

For instance, someone posted 'I know a lot of ppl are saying. The BM is using Royalty for a check, but did y’all hear that she stayed in an apartment? I love Chris Brown. The man probably got twenty homes. Why his daughter gotta live worse than him. Bottom line is society got families messed up. And if he didn’t want a kid, he wouldn’t have one. Trust. The amount may be steep, but his daughter having a safe home from fans and news, I think that is ok. Y’all want the girl to get a job... so who gonna keep the baby? Y’all think Chris Brown baby qualify for food stamps and discounted daycare. ??'

Another commenter said 'I'm not mad. Men don't think. They're so many men in my family who have children and then hate their spiteful exes. Even when we advised them not to continue the disposable relationship way before they had children with them. And then when it's their turn (men) to stay with the kids they ask the women in the family to take them out or help!! No, I don't think so!!! *Enter genie's from Alladin voice* ?'

What do you think about Chris' decisions regarding his baby mama?

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