Chris Brown Receives A Visit From The Police After Leaking His Home Address

Chris Brown Receives A Visit From The Police After Leaking His Home Address
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It was recently reported that amidst the online feud between Chris Brown and Offset, Chris somehow managed to leak his address from home on social media. A woman reportedly went to his house , and she managed to get in.

Now, The Shade Room revealed that the police paid Chris a visit just to make sure he's okay.

TSR writes that during their feud, 'One thing led to another, and Chris Brown ended up dropping his location and told Offset to pull up.'

They continued and said: 'Well after exposing his address to his millions of followers, police reportedly made a visit to Chris’ home to make sure he was okay.'

TMZ reported that the 'law enforcement sources revealed that someone made a call to LAPD saying that they were concerned for Chris’ well being. Police reportedly showed up around 10:30 pm on Friday and spoke to Chris’ security, who reassured that he was fine and there were no issues with Offset.'

Someone posted in the comments section: 'Doesn't half of LA already knows where he lives?'

Another follower said 'CHRIS never been BETTER. NOW leave him TF alone ALREADY.'

Someone else believes that Chris took things too far in his feud with Offset: 'But Chris took it too far. I mean, Offset was just saying the meme weren't funny. Why Chris so butthurt. Had the meme been about him beating up every female he's been with he wouldn't have liked it 🙄'

A commenter said that 'If y’all really love him let him get the help he needs cause him showing his address was weird asf!'

A person said that 'Police will do anything to pull up on Chris Brown smh “reassured that he was fine”'

Anyway, we hope that Chris is doing okay these days and there's no more drama in his life.

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