Chris Brown Raves Over Ammika Harris After She Posts Impressive Artwork - 'You Are So Dope, Babe!'

Chris Brown Raves Over Ammika Harris After She Posts Impressive Artwork - 'You Are So Dope, Babe!'
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Chris Brown took to social media to gush over Ammika Harris, leaving her a bunch of compliments in a new post of hers that featured her art! Obviously, the singer appreciated the piece, calling Ammika ‘so dope!’

It’s not a secret that Brown is a pretty big fan of art but it’s also quite apparent that he feels the same about Ammika!

That being said, a combination of both (aka an artwork by Ammika) could not be any more satisfying for the star.

Ammika, who likes to paint, shared her latest project with the world and Chris did not hesitate to praise her for her incredible talent in the comment section.

In the caption, she wrote: ‘I finished my painting today. Kinda proud of my lazy ass.’

‘You are so dope. Bout time you started painting again. Now my partner in crime is back. I’m proud of you babe,’ he told her in a couple of separate comments under the impressive manga style painting.

It’s clear that the two are doing great together but their ideal romance is not the only thing they’ve made headlines about lately.

As you may know, there have been rumors that the pair is expecting!

To prove that she is not actually pregnant, Ammika wore a crop top in a snap, showing off her incredible abs.

Another photo, however, this time from last month, showed her in a hoodie.

Seeing this, one fan commented: ‘When you got [to] hide the baby bump.’

In response, the woman wrote: ‘When it’s all about the hoodie.’

Chris and Ammika are yet to even make it official, let alone have a baby!

But one needs only to check out their online interactions to conclude that they must be dating!


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