Chris Brown Rape Allegations Update – Police Confirms Investigation After Being Arrested In Paris

Chris Brown Rape Allegations Update – Police Confirms Investigation After Being Arrested In Paris
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Earlier today, the authorities confirmed that the singer is currently under investigation after he was accused of sexual assault by a woman. Furthermore, they confirmed that Chris Brown, as well as two others from his entourage, were detained in Paris after the alleged victim filed a rape complaint.

As you may know by now, Brown was accused of rape by a woman, and now, the Associated Press reports that as they investigate this case, the police detained the star in Paris.

That being said, a judicial official explained to the news outlet that Chris Brown and two other men are being held in the French city at the moment and that the singer faces charges of drug and aggravated rape infractions.

The people dealing with the case have a couple of days to decide whether or not they will let Brown go.

In the case that they find enough evidence proving he is guilty, he will be charged.

As for the other two people detained along with the celeb, it is reported that one of them is one of his bodyguards.

The identity of the alleged victim is yet to be revealed.

The unnamed woman claims that she met Chris Brown and his entourage at the Paris Club, Le Crystal, on January 16.

After partying together, officials say she claimed that they went back to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and that is where the aggression against her happened.

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Brown was detained officially yesterday, January 21 and this morning, January 22, he was still in the French police’s custody as the investigation goes on.

Do you think the singer is guilty or not? Are you shocked by the accusations?

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  • Antincia Foster
    Antincia Foster Jan 22, 2019 4:41 PM PST

    Not guilty

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