Chris Brown 'Proud' To Show The World He's In Love With Ammika Harris - Source Says He's Really Attracted To Her!

Chris Brown 'Proud' To Show The World He's In Love With Ammika Harris - Source Says He's Really Attracted To Her!
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Chris Brown is in love and is not afraid to show it! The singer has been flirting with his baby mama, Ammika Harris on social media quite a lot lately while she’s still away with their son in Germany.

Now, one insider report claims to know that the star is definitely proud to let his feelings for her be seen by the whole world!

And that’s exactly what he has been doing with his posts and comments that always reflect his attraction to his beautiful IG model girlfriend.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Chris has an admiration for Ammika that is very strong and is only amplified being physically away from her. He really wants her to be happy and he knows that he will be happy when he gets to see her. He always loves talking to her and when he isn’t that is when he makes comments about her on her Insta. It’s not really a warning to any guys out there when he comments, it is more of a fun flirty type message to make sure she knows he is always thinking about her.’

The same insider went on to argue that his flirting is not meant to warn off other men from shooting their shot with Ammika while she’s still stuck in Germany amid the quarantine.

After all, he's not a jealous person!

Instead, all of his sweet words are just a sign that he really misses her!

Another insider told the news outlet that ‘It’s been so long since Chris has seen Ammika and of course he misses her. He sees the comments other guys leave on her Instagram plus he’s well aware that other men must be checking her out wherever she goes despite the lockdown, even if it’s just to the store. Chris isn’t the jealous type, but she’s still the mother of his son and he’s super attracted to her. What guy wouldn’t be?’

‘Chris is proud to let it be known how he feels about Ammika,’ they stressed after also mentioning that their relationship has only been strengthened by the distance as they get to communicate every day via FaceTime.


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