Chris Brown Posts Bizarre Photo That Proves He Still Has Rihanna On His Mind

Chris Brown Posts Bizarre Photo That Proves He Still Has Rihanna On His Mind
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Chris Brown cannot let go of Rihanna, and by the looks of things, he is not trying at all to move on.

Today, the R&B singer and songwriter, who forgot about Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel, posted an impressive wall art in his room that is somewhat bizarre and surprising.

Brown decided to paint the warrant issued for his arrest almost nine years ago after he brutally beat and bruised Rihanna and left her on the side of a Hollywood road.

Brown captioned the photo: “WRITINGS ON THE WALL!!! my first search warrant. Nine years later I’m HUMBLE, GRATEFUL, INSPIRED, AND MOST OF ALL…. IM A MAN NOW….”

Since Rihanna left Brown, she went on to date Drake and many others.

Rihanna's romance with Drake caused a lengthy feud with Brown that prompted several altercations.

Rihanna seems to have finally moved on with rumored fiancé Jameel. However, a source claimed Brown is still praying that he will get Rihanna back.

A source said he is hoping that Rihanna will watch his documentary -- Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life -- to see how much he has changed.

The person said: “Now that his documentary is out for the world to see he hopes the most special person in the world to him gets to see the film, and that is Rihanna. Chris is certain that Rihanna once she watches it, she will better understand how much he has changed and matured since their split. Chris knows Rihanna may not come running back into his arms after seeing the film, but she can begin to have closure on that phase of their life and maybe create new, healthier memories together.”

The insider wen to explain: “Chris has never gotten over Rihanna, and he says he never will. She is the standard he holds all other women too, and he still misses her and thinks about her pretty much every day. Seeing photos of Rihanna out with her new man hurts like crazy. Chris is torturing himself with thoughts of ‘what if.’ Chris believes that they will be together again one day, in the future because they are soulmates and meant for each other.”

Some say that Brown might be using his ex-girlfriend to get the media talking.

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