Chris Brown Overjoyed About Rihanna And Hassan Jameel’s Breakup - He Reportedly Has A Plan To Win Her Back!

Chris Brown Overjoyed About Rihanna And Hassan Jameel’s Breakup - He Reportedly Has A Plan To Win Her Back!
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Rihanna is now single after she and Hassan Jameel put an end to their relationship and rumor has it that he ex Chris Brown is over the moon about it! Furthermore, one report claims the man is determined to win her back and has a plan on how they can be together forever!

Since the assault in 2009, Chris has changed a lot and can’t wait to prove it!

A source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Chris is ecstatic Rihanna and Hassan have officially split up. He was worried they might get married and that would've left him destroyed. But now they are done, and for him, that means there is still hope.’

‘He knows that getting Rihanna back is a long shot but he likes a challenge, he is so up for it. Chris has plenty of women in his life but no one truly has his heart and it is starting to seem like he is not going to give it to anyone while Rihanna is still on the market. She is the one he wants to marry.'

Furthermore, the insider claims that Chris has ‘a plan to win her back. He knows her family still has a soft spot for him so he is hoping to get them to help him. He started by sending gifts to her grandfather for his 90th birthday. Chris got to know Rihanna’s grandfather when they were together. Chris got a thank you message from her and that is a big win.’

‘With the holidays approaching, Chris will have a good excuse to send more gifts to everyone to get them all talking about him again. The best gift will be for Rihanna, he has already started shopping for that one, he is going to go all out,’ the insider dished.

Do you think it’s going to work or not? While she’s allegedly forgiven him since the incident, would Rihanna ever take Chris Brown back?

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  • Daryll Stokes
    Daryll Stokes Nov 6, 2018 9:06 AM PST

    That's my little brother,he has changed 4 the best in life. She can find it in her as A true sister that she is to allow the brother to regain the love that was meant to be. LOVE U BOTH! PEACE-N-BLESS UP4 LIFE-N-LOVE!!!!

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