Chris Brown Might Become A Dad Once Again - The Alleged Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Claps Back At Hater

Chris Brown Might Become A Dad Once Again - The Alleged Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Claps Back At Hater
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Chris Brown loves his baby girl Royalty more than anything else in this world, and people already know this. His fans have always appreciated how much the little girl has changed the man for the best, of course.

Now, something happened that made fans believe Chris is on his way to becoming a dad once more.

He's been dating Ammika Harris for quite a while now, and they have been spotted together more than once. She posted a cute pic featuring herself, and Chris hopped in the comments section.

His comments made fans believe that Ammika is now his baby mama. Check out the post .

As expected, people are confident that BM stands for baby mama and Ammika is pregnant with Chris' baby.

Someone said that 'Karruche made him have a type now. She is gorgeous though.'

Another follower had an observation as well and said 'He loves the small and petite ones.....😩😩😩😩 giving me A LOT of hope here Chris❤️💦😂'

Someone else is not so sure that Ammika is carrying Chris' baby: 'Oh pls, everyone calls each other baby mothers nowadays.'

Other than this, Chris made sure to also praise the woman's beauty in a post but a hater hopped in the comments as well. Check out Ammika's reaction .

Someone commented 'U can just tell she look poppin without makeup lol,' while another follower said 'I’m sorry, but every time I see her, I see Karrueche. I CANNOT be the only one.'

Someone else was shocked at the news that Chris hangs out with Ammika and said 'wait.. he has a boo?? What was he doing in Rihanna's comments? oh and why do I have a feeling that Karrueche blocked him lmao.'

During the past weekend, Chris celebrated his 30th birthday with his close friends and family and fans were delighted to learn that Chris’ rumored girlfriend also wished the singer a Happy Birthday.

Do you think Ammika is pregnant?

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