Chris Brown Melts Hearts And Sparks Drama With First Photo Of His Two Children, Royalty And Aeko Catori Brown

Chris Brown Melts Hearts And Sparks Drama With First Photo Of His Two Children, Royalty And Aeko Catori Brown
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Just ahead of Christmas, Chris Brown has decided to melt hearts with the sweetest photo ever of his two children; Royalty Brown and her baby brother, Aeko Catori Brown.

The picture that was taken in Chris' mansion features baby Aeko sucking on his pacifier while on a changing table.

Young Royalty is pretending to change her adorable infant brother, who is looking at the camera.

The proud father had this sweet caption for the picture: "BIG SIS CHANGING DIAPERS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️."

Many fans praised Chris for being such a loving father, while a few critics brought up the baby's skin tone.

One person has this to say: "Beautiful memories, she is an amazing big sister!!💕😍😘❤️💕"

Another follower claimed: "Awww she’s going to be a great big sister. So like. This legit real. You are just having kids on me. Whew."

A critic stated: "The baby looks white."

A defender explained: "white? Look at the complexions of Aeko’s parents. He looks just like his grandmother, @mombreezyofficial 👏🏽 Chris’ mom. Same hair, eyes, and skin color as his grandma."

Meanwhile, it is being claimed that Chris and his second baby mama, Ammika Harris, have a special bond since Aeko came along in the photo.

The person in the know had the following to say on the matter: “Chris and Ammika share a very strong bond, and it’s only gotten stronger since the baby was born. Chris is head over heels in love with his son and so grateful to Ammika for bringing him into this world. This Christmas he will be spoiling both of them rotten.”

The insider went on to reveal: “Ammika is really adjusting to motherhood like a natural. She is so nurturing, and she is there for everything and anything Aeko needs. Ammika’s loved ones have seen a different side of her since becoming a mom, and it’s only made her even more beautiful in their eyes than they ever imagined. She is so protective of Aeko, and she’s constantly holding him, staring at him, and never wants to put him down. It’s adorable, and it’s so sweet to see the love between them.”

Some fan believes that marriage might be in the cards for Chris and Ammika. Do you think it could happen?

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